The Jury 2011 COMPLETE XviD

The Jury 2011 COMPLETE XviD

The series is entirely unconnected with the first, and was broadcast in 2011.[1] It concerns the retrial of Alan Lane, who was convicted five years earlier of the murder of three women whom he’d met through an Internet dating site. John Mallory QC acts for the prosecution; Emma Watts QC, for the defence. The jurors include Paul Brierly, a single man looking after his mother; Katherine Bulmore, a teacher who has had an affair with a 17-year old pupil; Tahir Takana, a Sudanese immigrant waiting to get a visa to join his brother in the US; Lucy Cartwright, the assistant of businesswoman Theresa Vestry and takes Theresa’s place on the jury; Rashid, a quiet young man with Asperger’s Syndrome, who lives with his parents; Kristina Bamford, a lonely woman; and Ann Skailes, a devout Christian.

Episode 1

The lives of 12 people are turned upside down when they are summoned for jury duty in a controversial murder retrial. New evidence has come to light calling into question the conviction of Alan Lane, who was found guilty almost five years previously of killing three women he met on the internet. Julie Walters stars as defence barrister Emma Watts, with Roger Allam, John Lynch and Steven Mackintosh.

Episode 2

John Mallory calls his witnesses to the stand, before the evidence against Lane is examined and argued by Watts. The jurors’ complicated lives unfold as the mysterious woman tells Paul she was a member of the jury in the original trial, lonely Kristina creates an internet dating profile, and Lane writes back to Ann..[2]

Episode 3

Watts cross-examines Howson, the man in charge of the investigation into Alan Lane, Tahir tells Jeffrey about his experience in Sudan, and Paul and Tasha grow closer over lunch. Katherine prepares to make a big decision and Kristina gets out of her depth when she goes to meet her internet date

Episode 4

Lane takes the stand, Jeffrey waits anxiously as Tahir finds out about his US visa, and Tasha tells Paul some shocking facts about the collapse of the first trial. The jurors retire to consider their verdict and Rashid stands up to his bullies.

Episode 5

Paul tells the other members of the jury what he knows as they struggle to reach a majority verdict, while Lane and Watts anxiously await the outcome. Rashid gives Paul information that makes him question everything, and Tasha has some explaining to do when the jurors’ decision is delivered.