The Complete Mallen Saga Collection

The Complete Mallen Saga Collection


The Mallen Streak
The Mallen Girls
The Mallen Secret
The Mallen Curse

-The Mallen Streak
The first part of the Mallen family saga. Thomas Mallen, the Squire of High Banks Hall, fathers many illegitimate sons, each of whom inherit a distinctive streak of white hair. Forced to sell the Hall, Thomas moves to humbler surroundings, taking with him his wards, Barbara and Constance, and their governess, Anna Brigmore. The young girls find romance with the Radlet brothers, one of whom, Donald, is acknowledged by Thomas as his bastard son.

-The Mallen Girls
Second part of the Mallen family saga. Squire Mallen’s bastard son, Donald Radlet, and his brother Mathew are frequent visitors to his cottage. Constance falls in love with Mathew, but is persuaded to marry Donald. One night Barbara is raped on her way back to the cottage.

-The Mallen Secret
Third part in the Mallen family saga. Thomas Mallen has now killed himself, and his illegitimate daughter Barbara is shielded from the truth by her governess, Miss Brigmore. When she falls in love with her cousin Michael, they discover the truth behind her birth. The knowledge of her mother’s rape threatens to plunge Barbara into tragedy.

-The Mallen Curse
The fourth and final instalment of the Mallen family saga. Barbara, rejected by Michael, enters into a loveless marriage with a son of the Benshams, who now own Squire Thomas’ former home, High Banks. Meanwhile, Mr Bensham proposes to Anna Brigmore, Barbara’s former governess, who has a burning ambition to become mistress of the house.