Wreckers at Dead Eye COMPLETE mini-series

Wreckers at Dead Eye COMPLETE mini-series


On a dark, stormy night in 1770, a ship crashes on the treacherous rocks of Dead Eye. It has been lured to its doom by the deceiving light of the Wreckers of Thriabbas, who make a living from the loot of ‘organised’ disaster.

But this time, there is a survivor: a young Persian girl who has witnessed the Wreckers’ crime – and must be silenced. Only a handful of villagers, led by a retired sea captain, dare to stand against the gang; they must try to reach the girl first, and put an end to the Wreckers’ evil practice…

It’s high adventure all the way in this lavishly authentic drama series for children, as plots and counter-plots, double-dealing and desperate chases play out in the shadow of the gibbet.