The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre COMPLETE S 1-6

The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre COMPLETE 1-6

One of the twentieth century’s most successful crime novelists, Edgar Wallace’s thrillers have been widely adapted for film and television.A noir-esque series, it updates some of the author’s stories to more contemporary settings, blending classic B-movie elements with a distinctly British feel. Unseen for decades and freshly transferred from the original film elements, all 47 films are included in this Anthology set alongside a wealth of special features.


The Larkins COMPLETE S 1-6

The Larkins COMPLETE 1-6

66 Sycamore Street is home to the Larkins. Alf refuses to believe that he’s henpecked. Ada’s determined to make sure that he is. Joyce still lives at home with her unsuccessful writer of a husband, Jeff. Eddie is as clueless to life as he is to the romantic feelings of the girl next door. And the girl next door’s mum just wants to borrow tea – and everything else.


Cold Blood COMPLETE S 1-2

Cold Blood COMPLETE 1-2

Brian Wicklow is jailed after a killing spree so macabre that he has become one of Britain’s most notorious murderers. Vilified by the popular press and despised by fellow inmates, his notoriety is compounded by the fact that detectives, including Jake Osbourne, investigating his crimes have never found the body of his last victim. However no one is safe with Wicklow behind bars.